25+ Design Inspirations for Hang Tags and Product Labels

Hang tags and labels these days more than define the product that they are attached to. It reinforces the brand and complements the product. It’s like a business card more fashionably designed and attached. No product can be without a label. Almost every bottle and package comes with a tag or product label with and on it. They don’t need to be too utilitarian though; as you will soon see, you can design them how ever you see them fit to represent your product and brand even as unconventional as your ideas might be. 

Here’s a compilation of creative and unique hang tag and product label designs you can get inspiration from. Whether it be for the purpose of traditional advertising or personal use, these designs are sure to spark your creativity and perhaps even start your own tag or label collection. 

DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used for the sole purpose of inspiring our viewers.

Adrienne Possien


Color Blind Me

Daily Poetics Collection

Simply cute stuff

hang tags

Olive Manna

wooden hang tag

Mickey Johnson

cute hang tag

Yvonne Wilson 

LV hang tags

Northern leather

leather hang tags
Red Elephant Creative

flower hang tags
Bayu Wiranagara

black and white hang tags
Unconventional J

shell hang tag
Jorge Castillo

hang tags
Lira Martinez

colorful hang tags

Neville Trickett’s

pinwheel hang tags

wooden hang tags

It’s Your Country

denim hang tags


Ruiz Company

product labels

Palatial Creative

product label

Nimrod Gavish

product label

Irving & Co






cider product label

Frank Aloi

colorful bottle labels

Irving & Co

bottle labels

TDA Advertising & Design

bottle product labels


Moxie Sozo

skull product labels

Eduardo del Fraile

chemistry product labels

Family and Friends

popcorn labels


 Clara Lindsten

origami product label

Talia Cohen

blank form label

Hanna Backman

mime product labels

Design Juices

illustrated product labels

There is no single formula for creating a hang tag or product label design. As long as your design choices are established around and consistent with your brand identity, you can trust that your market will identify your product labels with your brand. A pinch of clever on your designs can’t hurt either.

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2 thoughts on “25+ Design Inspirations for Hang Tags and Product Labels

  1. Those hang tags are well designed, creative and fun! It can really attract attention to a potential buyer! Thank you for the beautiful collections, will save this for future use!

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