30 Stunning Event Posters for Inspiration

Advertising an event successfully requires the use of several different marketing media. Most events have a large number of people to reach in a relatively short amount of time, which is why a combination of online with offline marketing and direct with generalized marketing works best. Printed posters are one of the most effective marketing materials for reaching a large audience in specific locations. Whether your targeted locations are cities across the nation or hot spots within your hometown, event posters put your message directly in the path of your targeted audience.

To really stand out, though, your event posters need to be, well, phenomenally eye-catching. Otherwise, they will just blend in with walls, sign posts, store windows, and poster boards that make up the everyday background of your city. While you certainly have to tailor your poster design to your event and your brand, most printed posters should include the following:

  • Graphics or photos that capture attention
  • Intriguing headline, such as name of the event
  • Event information, such as time, date, location, highlights, sponsors
  • QR code for more information
  • Readable fonts in a large enough size to read from an appropriate distance
  • Full color printing in vivid colors to stand out
  • Gloss coating for protection

Some of the best poster designs of all time are event posters, and the following collection reflects just how amazing posters for a happening can be. Some of the following are more minimalist while others are chock-full of design elements. Notice how each use different aspects of the design to draw your eye and present the information. Keep in mind that the images below are just small snippets of the actual posters, so take the time to check these works out and let the designers know what you think. Be sure to let us know which are your favorites and why, or even if there are any you just absolutely hate.

DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used for the sole purpose of inspiring our viewers.

Patrick Stewart Event Poster

Save & Destroy

Everest to Antartica Poster

Asad Sounds Poster

4 One Act Plays Poster

Star Wars Propaganda Poster

Silo Cult Event Poster

Gig Poster – Tree

Poster Flyer

Beer Festival

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2012 Poster

Typography Posters

Guimarães JAZZ 2009

Moonlight Mystery Poster

Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona

Ministry of Sound Poster

Deep Space

Electro Poster Vol 4

Contest Entry: Poster 1

Free Will Society


Lovejoy – Music & Event Flyer

Minimalist Posters of Historical Events

11th Annual International Music Forum

Drinks for Words II

Bass and Space Poster


Tennis Patja


Special Olympics

2 thoughts on “30 Stunning Event Posters for Inspiration

  1. Great set of inspiration, some of the typography are mind blowing. I especially like the 4 one act plays poster and the Guimarães JAZZ 2009, simply unique and amazing design.

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